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    【Water-based leather 】Fall 2020 ready-to-wear Valentino

    Have you noticed how many fashion shows in Paris Fashion Week start with black leather from head to toe? It is as if the designers of this city have expected that when the coronavirus crisis escalates, everything will be in a downturn, and we will fall into a gloomy mood.


    2020 秋季成衣推薦

    At the time of the Valentino fashion show, it was reported that the Louvre Museum is not open to the public today. The costumes on the catwalk are in stark contrast to the previous season Valentino (Valentino) worn by the audience in the front row. The latter is as bright as neon lights and printed with jungle patterns. Under the show, when Bill Paolo Piccioli was asked whether he felt the serious atmosphere recently, he replied: “No, but fashion must have practical significance.”


    It turns out that there is another practical meaning in Piccioli’s mind. In the past few seasons, he has worked harder than others to bring a new kind of inclusiveness to his show-remember that at his spring couture fashion show in 2019, Naomi Campbell and Is that famous photo taken by other black models? Today, he further advanced his plan. There are transgender models in his model team, as well as models that are more plump than the usual images on the runway. There are also male models in his lineup. Behind the scenes, Piccioli said: “What I want to do is portray the present, there are no categories. Fashion must record and embrace the great changes in the world. We must encourage tolerance and equality.”


    He uses this method to interpret the message he wants to convey: stripping colors and embellishments, and these are our usual impressions of Valentino Valentino-his idea is that uniform clothing does not obscure a person’s personality. The show opened with a mid-length black cashmere coat with a waist, platform soles (the main shoe for this show) and the brand’s new Atelier handbag. We didn’t see the full-color dress until the 26th set of clothing, although in the end many of Piccioli’s items still used Valentino’s iconic red, as well as herringbone patterns, leopard-print sports style, and in the evening dress design Added sequins suitable for men and women. He said that the message he wanted to convey was about a world without rules and regulations, and another way he expressed his opinion was to let boys wear girls clothes and vice versa. The opening jacket of his men’s show last month was displayed by a female model here.


    If Piccioli ’s reverse thinking method fails to successfully portray the personality ray he desires-then eclecticism is more suitable-nevertheless, his “simple and simple” design intuition and the clothing and inspiration inspired thereby This season’s new minimalist style coincides. Of course, some of the low-key beauty cannot be ignored: a double-breasted coat decorated with brass buckles, one short and one long; a black sleeveless evening dress with a drag; and the current by Piccioli The red sequined straight skirt displayed by the muse goddess Adut Akech.



    From: Vogue Magazine


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